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Graphic designer focusing primarily on logo brandings and schedule templates.Looking to commission me? Check out my VGen! Status of commissions will be available there!For corporate inquiries, please dm on Twitter (@OrihimeVT) or send an email to [email protected]! Thank you!

Do not sell my schedule templates.
Reselling and copying is not. Editing is ok but do not claim as your own work.


Terms of Service
1. All works can be used for streaming/public platforms. For merchandise wise, please inform me first as there will be a 50% additional charge!
2. I can decline the commission if I am not comfortable with it or if I feel that I don’t have the capacity/ability to complete it.
3. Payments are done through PayPal. After you are satisfied with the sketches/finals is fine!
4. Please credit my twitter (@orihimevt) when posting!
5. Refunds will not be issued after samples/sketches unless I am unable to complete the commission. In which case, I will inform you and take the initiative.
6. Workflow can be from 1 week to 1 month as I am currently full time. Please note that I do not take rushed orders.

Personalized Logo$75(+)ClosedI'll walk you through making a personal logo for you! I will update you along the way and work with you to make sure you're happy with the results!
"Skeb-like" Logo$50Closed (Ko-fi)This will involve little to no revisions. You will be providing as much detail as you would like with the initial purchase, I will send you the "final" and allow for small changes!
Schedule Design$100(+)ClosedI will make a personalized stream schedule template for you!
Emotes$50Closed (Ko-fi)I will make 5 random scuffed emotes for you!

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